Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Essential Tracks: "Young Rabbits" Album: "Looking Ahead", The Jazz Crusaders, 1962

Essential tracks highlights tracks that arguably should be found somewhere in any serious jazz collector's library. This segment is also meant to inspire readers to seek out foundational tracks from the various sub-genres of this great music.

"Young Rabbits", originally from the 1962 Pacific Jazz release, "Lookin' Ahead", most recently available on "Way Back Home"

Album cover from Way Back Home

This is easily one of the best known tracks from the early days of the Jazz Crusaders. At the time, the group consisted of Wayne Henderson on trombone, Stix Hooper on drums, Joe Sample on piano, Wilton Felder on sax, and Buster Williams on bass. It was also one of the most challenging compositions of it's time. Every jazz band in High School in the late 60's and early 70's was on a mission to master this tune. It was fast moving, intricate harmonies, and very tight melody and chorus lines. You really had to be on top of your game to play it. If you could master Young Rabbits as a band or on your instrument, it was a big deal.

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