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Monterey Jazz Festival - Yes, you can still go

If you have to ask what is the 52nd Monterey Jazz Festival presented by Verizon, you probably should skip the rest of this post because by the time you act on the information, it'll be too late. Normally, there's a scramble for the few remaining tickets for the Festival Grounds. This year, this close to the festival there are still tickets available for an Arena Ticket subscription. This is extremely rare, and is no doubt caused by the current economic climate. The last time this happened precedes my festival experience by a lot of years, and I've been going for 13 years. The purchase of an arena subscription allows you to be a part of this magnificent annual music event that is world renown. Why should you hurry to buy tickets, arrange for hotels, and figure out how to get your behind to Monterey for September 18-20? If you're a true jazz fan, these are all the reasons you need: Chick Corea, Lizz Wright, Kenny Baron, Regina Carter, Esperanza Spalding, Dee Dee Bridgewat