Sunday, August 4, 2013

Essential Tracks: "Blue Spirits" Album: "Blue Spirits", Freddie Hubbard, 1966

Essential tracks highlights tracks that arguably should be found somewhere in any serious jazz collector's library. This segment is also meant to inspire readers to seek out foundational tracks from the various sub-genres of this great music.

"Blue Spirits" title track from his 1966 Blue Note release

This was Hubbard's the last of a series releases on Blue Note from the early 60's. This has the feel and sound of what should have become a standard, but somehow didn't. The horn arrangement on the title track is particularly noteworthy for it's density and harmonics. Most recently, this track showed up on a Jazzanova release: "Blue Note Trip: Looking Back", a collection of standout tracks from the label that didn't necessarily make the mainstream.  

Personnel on "Blue Spirits" besides Hubbard: Hank Mobley - tenor, James Spaulding - alto and flute, McCoy Tyner - piano, Bob Cranshaw - bass, Pete LaRoca - drums, Kiane Zawadi - euphonium

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