Saturday, October 12, 2013

Faces of Jazz: Saturday Afternoon on the Grounds at the Monterey Jazz Festival

You don't have to have a ticket for the shows in the Arena to have a great time at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Of course you have the many artisan vendors and the great food booths. There are also seven other performance venues. Six of them feature live performances from a large variety of artists. The seventh, the Jazz Theater, shows simulcasts from the main Arena performances. 

Several of the artists make an encore performance in one of the grounds venues. Both the festival's artist-in-residence and showcase artists perform in multiple ensemble formats, most of which are in the grounds venues.
Big Sam's Funky Nation on the Garden Stage

There's always plenty to see, plenty to do, and more than enough great music to take in on the grounds.
The main promenade at the festival
Paul Aschenbrenner, everyone's favorite Arena Usher with one of his many funny hats

The Garden Stage is always rockin'

Photo ops with the many Festival Artists are plentiful

Smith Dobson's Prez Kids in the Coffee House

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