Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Essential Tracks: "Seven of Nine" - Album: "Cookin' with the Mighty Burner, Charles Earland

Essential tracks highlights tracks that arguably should be found somewhere in any serious jazz collector's library. This segment is also meant to inspire readers to seek out foundational tracks from the various sub-genres of this great music.

"Seven of Nine'", High Note Records release "Cookin' With The Mighty Burner", 1999

In any discussion on the great masters of the B3 organ, Charles Earland is not necessarily a name that will be readily offered up. It should be. Earland was as adventurous and innovative as they come. Owing his major organ influences to Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff, Earland actually toured with McGriff for three years. At that time, he was a young tenor sax player. The sound of Smith and McGriff definitely left their mark, as Earland switched to the B3 in 1966.